Mail Client Setup

Setting up mail client instructions...
Step 1. Account type is PoP3/Imap
Step 2. Enter Display Name E-Mail Address  
Step 3. Enter Account User Name or
Step 4. Set Password (What you assigned in cPanel)  -If password is invalid server firewall will block your ip address.
Step 5. Mail Servers: Incoming "" Outgoing "" or
Step 6. Check Box Use the same incoming mail login information for outgoing mail and (my server requires authentication)
Step 7. Incoming mail port 110 outgoing port 586 - Default SSL setting is "none" Select Auto or SSL

How to set up a up POP3 email on Windows Live Mail
How to Setup Windows Mail in Windows Vista
Setting Up Your Email Account - Microsoft Outlook 2013
Configure gmail in outlook 2013 | POP3 & IMAP

Mail Apps Setup Windows 8 & Other Devices 

We will be more than happy to remote in and setup your mail client.
1. You must have an hour to spend and be in front of your computer.
2. You must be willing to download trial version of remote access software.

Additional time maybe needed to update software and security. Scan for Malware & Viruses. 
This maybe performed at the time of setting up mail client for a small fee.

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