Returned E-Mail - JunkMail rejected

Email Delivery
 -  Requires reverse DNS lookup -  Improper configuration is the primary reason for returned mail.

Air America checks 3 mainstream spam data-bases.
RBL: RBL: & bl.airamerica
SpamCop / Spamhaus & Barracuda real time spam data-bases are widely used for blacklist ip checking.
When email is sent to mail client on, sender ip address is checked against
known or reported spam data-bases.

Blacklisted ips are not allowed to connect to our SMTP server.  
Connections will be dropped with a 550 error.
Air America Blacklist of IP blocks not allowed to connect.

Returned to sender 550 error? "Check email header for rejected ip address"
Example: Remote host said:
550-"JunkMail rejected -
550-[]:56112 is in an RBL, see Currently Sending Spam See:

Forward E-Mail Header To Webmaster is our secondary email address!
Once our support team receives header information we will bypass ip address checking.
Please note: Google/Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail/Outlook/AOL are free mail providers.
These main-stream mail servers are "White Listed" however from time to time they get black listed.
Miss Reported spam can happen to anyone.  MX Toolbox is the best tool to check your IP for problems. 

Please report all spam abuse...

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