Domain name renewals & transfers

Domain Names Renewals & Transfers ...
All domain names at Wordpress America are registered through Enom Inc.
Air America Web (WordpressAmerica) is an official reseller.

ayment notices for domain names are sent out 30 days prior to expiration.
If domain name expires you have a 15 day grace period to renew without additional charges.
Beyond 15 days your domain name is in Redemption Status.

Moving your domain to another registrar.
Your account must be in good standing before we will allow transfer.
Upon written request. Validated email of admin registrant.
After verification has taken place we will generate an EPP code.
EPP code will be sent to admin email address on domain name.

How the process works
1. EPP approval code you recieve in email from Enom must be entered at new provider to authorize transfer.
2. New provider will send request to Enom/Reseller for approval.
3. Once approved on both provider ends and by registrant transfer should take place.

Common Issues why domains don't transfer.
1. Register Lock is On!
2. Invalid Email or Contact Address.
3. Transfer was not pre-approved by registrant. (Not Provider)
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