WordPress 5.x Production Release

WordPress 5.x Production Release

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Visual Composer Page Builder Now Requires Classic Editor plugin to function

WordPress 5.x

New Platform Issues

Many WordPress themes have built in page builders with improved end-user ability for novice site owners to create quality web pages. A better user experience and quality content is what places websites on top of Bing & Google searches.

Page builders like VC Visual Composer on WP 5.x default to the new Gutenberg editor. The only option to restore normal page editing operation is to install Classic Editor plugin.

Wordpress - Gutenberg

WordPress hosts about 75 million of the estimated 172 million active websites in the world. This means that any change they make is going to affect almost everyone who owns or wants to create a website.

WordPress is changing how content will be edited. These changes are generally referred to as Gutenberg and are as monumental as you’d expect from the name. The existing editor, TinyMCE, first appeared in WordPress 2.0 in late 2005 is being replaced by a new editor aptly named Gutenberg. more

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