Wilderness WiFi

Wilderness WiFi

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Finding High Speed Internet Service
- No Service Area

Most areas have a cellular provider with high speed data.

It’s possible you can work from home without DSL and Satellite on a virtual private network VPN by tethering your smartphone!

Jena, FL is ones of those areas along the Gulf Coast with no service.
Verizon Wireless has the largest 4G LTE coverage area.

Custom Tethering Solution

Connecting your smartphone to your home router maybe more affordable.
Data is capped with carrier Hot-Spot at 10-20 gigabytes on most unlimited plans.

All you need for tether is a good Android Smartphone. Then enable “Wireless Hotspot” function in your connection settings.

Along with a fast gaming router with Wireless Repeating Modes WISP or Client+AP where you can connect the two devices.

Comparisons between Cellular & Satellite
Verizon Wireless $75 plan with unlimited data plan vs Viasat at $150…  Satellite Internet is known to be slow, overpriced and unreliable.

Expect 20+ megabits-per-second (Mbps) 4G LTE speeds through phone hotspot with good signal.

Future of Rural America internet is Fiber Optics and/or Cellular Data.

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