Server Software Updates

Server Software Updates

Staying on top of server & software updates

The key is to keep an eye on your “Security Adviser” in WHM/cPanel and watch for WHM version updates.

Before performing updates always make a snapshot of your image and/or backup of your core operating system. In most cases you will need to reboot to update Kernel and outdated billionaires.

Best advise is to turn Root “off” and enable before performing maintenance.
Be sure all cP user accounts are jailed, shell and preferably cgi is turned off.

With all the latest and greatest software does not mean you’re free from compromise.
However being diligent about checking for updates on regular basis will minimize security risks.

A+ Healthy Server Should Look Like

Plenty of free resources is key in any hosting environment.
Allow plenty of memory for all services including additional firewalls.
Cloud server environments today allow you to scale cpu, memory and disk space.
This way you can accurately monitor usage and only pay for what you actually need.

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