Google Cloud Platform

WordPress deployed to a single Compute Engine instance.
VM instance: 1 shared vCPU + 2 GB memory (e2-small)
USD 12.23/mo
Standard Persistent Disk: 10GB
Estimated monthly total
USD 12.71/mo

DYI Monthly Cost - $28.70 Google Cloud cPanel Hosting

Air America has space available in our premium Google cloud platform starting at $50 usd
Want the best hosting and support possible.

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Google Cloud Billing

cPanel Single Solo Host License $15.99

On August 20th, 2018 cPanel, the control panel of choice for most of Web Hosting Canada’s clients, agreed to be acquired by Oakley Capital. 

WHM cPanel is the best web server panel on the market.
Most reliable with good support. Licenses have gone up over 100%

Recommended Security Software & Licenses

Other license fees: Premium WordPress themes and plugins.

Good security software is critical part in protecting data and metered resources.
Some free solutions may work but not recommended.

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