Outdated Theme and Plugins

Outdated Theme and Plugins

Website Updates Required

Older database sites running on Unix / Linux / Centos / Php / Mysql / Marina db platforms may stop running all together. Many may experience code 500 errors as servers no longer support older php versions.

Website updates a must?
Yes, when server software no longer supports “end of life” platforms.
Your service provider is not to always to blame…

Backward compatibility is a security risk that could result in global compromise of servers. Hackers have cracked the majority of older Software and know all the exploits.

Best effort needs to take place replacing all PhP 5.6 or older software platforms incomparable with PhP 7.0 or above.

Majority of hosting company service providers don’t offer upgrade options.
Leaving web site owners to hire a freelancer designer programmer to fix.

End of Life

Is your website is worth fixing?
Yes, especially when you’re getting quality traffic, sales and leads.
Software evolution has made life easier and safer for everyone.
Saving time updating content is huge…

Discover the future and invest in the web.
Input quality content and you can expect 100% in return.

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