Oldest Web Hosting Companies

USWW - United States World Wide Web

The oldest web hosting company, USWW “United States World Wide Web”
Founded in 1985 shortly after the Department of Defense established 1983

GXL - Woodtech Information Systems

Second oldest web hosting company, GXL “Woodtech Information Systems”
Dial-up service provider founded in the late1980’s

1990's Web Hosting Became Popular

1988 unofficial start of web hosting.
Majority of dial-up providers started offering web hosting!

Today every business has a website and/or social media pages.
Roomer “web hosting is dead” is yet to be seen!

Over 30 years, many Digital Chainsaw Gator Daddy’s have came and gone.
Excessive cost increases, hacking, neutrality throttling, and worldwide digital taxation
is making it impossible for smaller hosting companies to survive.

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