Manage cPanel Spam Filters

Spam Filter Management 101 - Taking Control of Spam Email...
Simple task adding rules in cPanel. Video shows all the steps involved.

End User Instructions:

1. Login to your Webmail using your email address.

Webmail Account

2. Click Email Filtering Icon.
Example: Select Subject Line in pull-down... Tpye in Keywords in Rule 1 and add Viagra in subject line and save!
Viagra Filter

Here is a guide to better protecting yourself against spam.

[1] We have enabled SpamAssassin! Possible spam will be marked as {spam}  so you are aware. Rules maybe added in your mail client where anything containing  {spam} in subject line is moved to junkmail folder.
You may also block ips, blacklist or whitelist specific domains, hosts and e-mail addresses in cPanel...

[2] Protect your e-mail from spam. Sometimes it's useful to set up another mail account to receive public email and keep your primary email address private.

[3] Disguise Your Address. You can do this by simply replacing the @ symbol with “at” or coding the addresses in HTML.
Remove email address from public view on web-pages, forum postings and other easily readable formats where spam bots cannot easily pick up your address.  More

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