Join Facebook Group with Fake account

Join Facebook Group with Fake account

Fake computer generated accounts by marketing hackers to spam Facebook groups
is becoming a time consuming problem for group administrators to maintain quality.

Admins must visit each individual profile before granting approval to join group.
Failure to so will result in unwanted posts and spam.

Most fake profiles are easy to spot. Like the way questions to join group are answered.
Yes or no answered with “OK” or “Will seriously abide” and “I love you”..

Other fakes are not so easy to identify. Marketing companies have done a great job creating a web of families and friends of friends! As your group becomes popular you will have more challenges accepting new members.

Red Flag - Moderation Tips

When in doubt turn on post approval! When member has reported group violation best practice is to remove and set post approval. Next step mute and last block…

  1. New Facebook profiles are fake.
  2. Match up profile with location and groups.
  3. Look for spammy and removed content posts on profiles.
  4. Look for excessive activist, politics and religious posts.
  5. Blocked profile info where you can not verify.

Report Fake Profile Accounts to Facebook

Computer Generated Fake Accounts

Fake Facebook Accounts
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