Google Reviews Matter

Google Reviews Matter

Sharing Reviews & Pictures

Sharing is caring when it comes to reviews. Consumers deserve to know the truth when it comes to quality and services businesses provide. Sending the right expectation is a Godly thing to do.

5 Star reviews are for exceptional experiences.
Bad reviews are sometime better left unsaid, as everyone has a bad day.

I have been reviewing allot of businesses and take highlight pictures.
400,000 is a good run out the gate.

Benefits consumers and businesses…
Honest reviews and good content builds trust.
Being favored in the web community is an awesome!

How to tell if a review is real or fake

It’s real simple if you look for trends and consistencies by reading reviews carefully.
Majority of fakers will have no consistent profile history.

You see several 1-3 Star reviews followed by 5 Star over the top reviews.
You might ask yourself, is this business under new management or hired a reputation company to write fake reviews! “Most likely Fake”

Pictures below show fake review being sold on eBay for $7 usd…
Amazing how much of this goes on.

Fake Reviews For Sale eBay
Fake Review Details

Write Honest Reviews & Don't Buy Fakes!

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