Terms & Conditions

General Policies – Terms & Conditions

Air America web is a private small business hosting company, providing virtual cPanel servers for small and medium sized business.

All content must be family friendly suited for general audiences of all ages.
Adult, gambling, pyramid marketing schemes and illegal websites are strictly prohibited.
Any content  that goes against Bing Yahoo and Google Webmaster guidelines is not allowed.

Effective Feb 1st 2017 – No CGI Perl scripts allowed. Disabled in cPanel.
Self hosted clients need to contact us prior to installation of scripts, plugins and applications.
Failure to do so will result in suspension and possible termination of service agreement.

E-Mail & Web Spam

Air America web has a zero tolerance spam policy. All data is monitored in and out of our servers for spam. 
1. Mailing lists: Strictly prohibited. Only business email is allowed.
2. Domain email forward to Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL accounts is forbidden. updated 4/15/2016
3. Web traffic: Buying incoming bulk traffic and links strictly prohibited.

Please be assured that we take abuse very seriously and investigate every incident that is reported.
Updated 2/7/2017 Dispensary actions taken on spam complaints. May include immediate suspension and possible termination.

Viruses / Malware & Website Data

“All clients are responsible for data stored and transmitted on our network”

  • Internet Security Software with up to date definitions is required on all machines and devices connecting to our servers.
  • Clients are required to keep website software scripts and programs up to date. Safe from being exploited
  • Site owners are responsible to backup all data in the event of hardware failure.
  • Site owners are responsible for all content. Including trademark and copyright.

Server Administration / Firewall & Filtering

“Causes of automatic / manual server blocks and account suspension / termination”

  • Ability to pay invoices on time or excessive unpaid support will result is termination.
  • Invalid login attempts. Including failed email password authentication.
  • Port scanning, to many connections, excessive bandwidth and data transfer abuse
  • Virus / Malware infected websites will be suspended until fixed by site owner.
  • Outdated websites with unsecured scripts and programs causing security risks will be suspended.
  • Infected client machines and devices sending out spam and/or viruses is a violation of service agreement.

Unexpected Service Outages & Liabilities

“Our servers have a 100% up-time track record. Only one outage in 16 years of business”

Please be advised that scheduled outages maybe up to four hours. Normal maintenance may require a server reboot which may cause a temporary loss in connectivity.

Unexpected outages maybe caused by hardware or network failures beyond our control. In the rare case of an extended outage, Air America Web will credit your account for the time your server can’t be reached. If you move your service to another provider, no refund will be applied.

“Under no circumstances is Air America liable for data, service outages or client website programing and design”