2018 WordPress Maintenance

2018 WordPress Maintenance

Time to update your website

Time to update your website software, plugins, themes and content.

1st Update footer… Starting with © 2017 Copyright All Rights Reserved!

2nd Backup your data-base and archive zip backup wp-content directory.

3rd Update licenses and software subscriptions.

4th Run plugin and theme updates.

5th If you lost customization, it’s best to update out-of-the-box factory theme settings first.
Child themes maybe your only option to keep customization.

6th Review your statistics from previous years. This will help you determine how to improve your website performance.

7th Update content, products and service pages. Write some fresh news blogs of what you have to offer this year. Always put your “nitch” on the forefront of your website.
Example: What your business offers that no one else does…

Air America Web Clients

WP expert base rate is $50 usd per hour.
We highly recommend spending an hour every month updating themes, plugins and content.
Open a service ticket and our experts will do everything for you!

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