Hide Remove Free in woo

hide-freeRemove Price Free! when zero is located in price.

File to edit is functions.php in your theme.

add_filter( 'woocommerce_variable_free_price_html''hide_free_price_notice' );
add_filter( 'woocommerce_free_price_html',           'hide_free_price_notice' );
add_filter( 'woocommerce_variation_free_price_html', 'hide_free_price_notice' );
 * Hides the 'Free!' price notice
function hide_free_price_notice( $price ) {
  return '';

Start of A New WordPress Site

Hart Beat of New Site – It’s Alive
Stats of a new or resurrected site should look something like this.
Signs of life with organic search placement. Genuine human traffic. Without expensive Pay-Per-Click, buying into links, traffic and search engine optimization SEO scams.

WordPress 4.4 Released

Clifford WordPress 4.4 released December 8th 2015
New features and better security. Make sure to update your WP core today! More WordPress.Org

Air America “Full Service” and “Premium Hosted” customers have already been updated by our staff.

New Embeds Feature in WordPress 4.4

WordPress has been operating as an oEmbed consumer for quite some time now, allowing users to easily embed content from other sites. Starting with version 4.4, WordPress becomes an oEmbed provider as well, allowing any oEmbed consumer to embed posts from WordPress sites. More Embed Posts

Cox Communications Blocking Incoming Mail

Cox Communications Blocking good incoming mail
Amazing how fast false positive and misreported spam gets blocked. Service providers need to diligently look at headers and ip addresses before blocking.
Junk mail providers are obvious to detect these days. B2NETSOLUTIONS, COLORADO CROSSING & Overseas Host Sailors are easy to spot.
Manually blocking of every spam abuse report without looking at the entire picture is a disservice to customers.



Found Cox to be asleep at the wheel
Opened a ticket to release a potential SMTP block and no one has responded in over 24hrs.

24/7 server monitoring these days is a must unless your want your entire network reputation tarnished.
See article found on Google Search “Notice to Cox High Speed Internet Users”

Development Server Online

Month long project building licensed cPanel development server. Major step forward building WordPress Websites.
This server has 6 hard drives with a /home /backup directory storage of x2 1.8 terabytes.
Server is connected to AT&T Uverse on the SBC Global Network at home office in Atchison, Kansas.
hard-drives Many Thanks to cPanel Group for dev license
& ServerAdminz for custom configuration


Enom Domain Name .COM have been suspended

fake-enom-emailBeware of Fake Enom Emails Going Out
Looks like Enom email but it’s actually a hack job!

X-Antivirus: AVG for E-mail
Delivery-date: Thu, 05 Nov 2015 18:46:16 -0500
Received: from msa509.odn.ne.jp ([]:45244 helo=cmsa509.odn.ne.jp)
by server.air-america.com with esmtp (Exim 4.86)
(envelope-from )
id 1ZuUEF-0002BU-Ac
for WEBMASTER@AIR-AMERICA.COM; Thu, 05 Nov 2015 18:46:09 -0500
Received: from smsa509.odn.ne.jp by cmsa509.odn.ne.jp with ESMTP
id <20151105234519605.TSDG.40771.cmsa509.odn.ne.jp@msa509.odn.ne.jp>
for ; Fri, 6 Nov 2015 08:45:19 +0900
Received: from amsa509.odn.ne.jp by smsa509.odn.ne.jp with ESMTP
id <20151105234519537.NRAH.14168.smsa509.odn.ne.jp@msa509.odn.ne.jp>
for ; Fri, 6 Nov 2015 08:45:19 +0900
Received: from lexusiji ([] [])
by amsa509.odn.ne.jp with ESMTP
id <20151105234518482.NBIT.130588.amsa509.odn.ne.jp@msa509.odn.ne.jp>
for ; Fri, 6 Nov 2015 08:45:18 +0900

Memory of Ben Benson USWW

tandy-classic-computersBen Benson Computer Engineer – Pioneer of Tandy Computer
One of the original programmers of the Tandy computer and founder of small web hosting business in the late 80’s United States World Wide Web (USWW)

uswwnetnameserverBen developed sites like usashopper.com mallcity.org and W8.net cyberlinkexchange.com…
These early legacy shopping carts and search engines were hand written scripts.

Sadly server was attacked by hackers and taken down in September 2015…

1989 while looking for a reliable web hosting company to host “The Anna Maria Network” I found Mr. Benson online…
No matter what I needed to accomplish, he always came up with a great solution and his knowledge of Unix was incredible!

Personally met Ben in the early 90’s…
His God given talent was superior to anyone I have known on the web.
Ben was big on security and never wanted anyone to know his true identity. For the most part he was a recluse and lived in the back woods of Wren’s, GA

No where on the web will you find a picture of Ben!
He was so tight on security, when Anna Maria Net Inc was incorporated in 2001 he decline to give out his social security for shares in the company.
Ben wanted no digital trace of his identity and always used an alias name.

After working outdoors on a hot summer day Thursday, July 23, 2015 Ben went down to rest on his couch and never woke up. He was 62…
“Mr. Bruce Ervin Benson, 62, of Wrens entered into rest on Thursday, July 23, 2015, at his residence.” Taylor Funeral Home

No one like Bruce Benson. He was a great engineer, programmer, network administrator, trainer and friend. He will be missed… ___ Dave Billings author


Microsoft Junkmail Filter Tags Good Mail As Spam


Everyone Loves Leo & Hates Spam

Great advise from Leo when it comes to outlook.com mail false positives. read more
Discovered today from protection outlook clients Air America mail was in the junk folder by default. “Seriously”

No reason to pass blame in a world filled with stormy spam clouds.
Filter out the clouds of junk, stay positive and hopefully you will have a sunny day with no spam.

Way to go SPAMHAUS

spamhausSpamhaus is doing an outstanding job keeping your inbox free of spam.
Service providers need to step up to the plate and enforce strict spam policy.
Majority of service providers will host anyone with a credit card. We do not!

    Our No Solicitation & Hosting Policy:

  • Mailing Lists, Incoming & Outgoing Forbidden
  • Buying SEO Services i.e. buying links and incoming traffic is Forbidden. Only natural traffic is allowed.
  • Loose Scripts, Unsecured & Outdated Software is Forbidden. Hosted sites must be maintained.

Hope to see more crack downs on loose providers. IBM / Softlayer on the naughty list is sad.
Just goes to show you cheap hosting does not work. Without staff to keep a close eye on servers and clients you’re done.