National Do Not Call Registry

Stop unwanted sellers and telemarketers
Spamming by sales associates, telemarketers and orphan bill collectors phishing to resurrect old debt is a big problem these days.
do-not-callThanks to agencies selling off customer information by default. Including state, county and local municipalities. All the way down to your drivers license.
You must opt out or the junk will follow you!

Best advise:
1. Strange Number? Do not answer. Search Bing / Yahoo or Google by typing in the phone number.
2. Download and install app on your smart phone to block bad callers.
3. Go to Federal Trade Commission Website and register.

Sometimes blocking numbers can cost you a customer. Have a local plumbing and heating company in small town where I live who blocked all out of state area codes due to issues with unwanted calls. Caution needs to be taken before blocking calls without looking up who they are. Some numbers maybe important.