Dedicated Cloud Results

Today’s Cloud Offers: Great Scale-ability – Redundancy – No Hardware Maintenance

Displayed is a 24 core 64 gig dedicated server migrated over to the Cloud… Balanced out to 14 cores and 16gb of ram.

Impressive results from 1and1 Cloud… I was a die hard dedicated power house fan for many years and anti-cloud when it first came out.
Technology has gone along way and prices are becoming more affordable.

You can adjust CPU Memory & Network to meet your clients needs. As your customers grow you can grow the resources needed to get the job done right.

With a dedicated server you can only project your resource needs for the future. In fact you may end up investing far more than you need in a dedicated server.
No more keeping hardware updated and maintained. If you have a hardware failure it will surely result in downtime and worse potential data loss.

Migrating from one dedicated to another is not a simple task.
Especially when you have customers with special needs where custom configurations must be setup.

Loss of assigned provider owned ip addresses can be a nightmare.
Finding good ipv4 addresses is almost impossible as all have been used and reassigned.
Your clients will surely have email issues with black and block lists after migration.
Many hours of expensive advanced administration time goes into a dedicated server migration.

With a Cloud migration you have an entire image to work without rebuilding. Rapid restore and some configuration and your back in business!
I have been using co-located and dedicated servers for over 25yrs and I must say they are rapidly becoming obsolete.

Only thing holding back the Cloud is cost for storage and memory.
For reliability the Cloud is priceless over stand-a-lone server!