Android Tablet Resources

Android Version & Tablet Resources – Why Apps Don’t Work
Wondering why some of your apps don’t function properly?
Like man “This Tablet Is Dog Slow”
Might want to clean off the junk and unwanted apps.

“Your system resources maybe exhausted before you even get started on allot of tablets”

Good Example Of Resource Issues

Irulu and other generic tablets with 1 gigabyte of ram 74% of memory is used up by the Android operating system alone!

Making it impossible to run application smoothly and efficiently. When memory reaches a critical point CPU load increases to compensate.


Litchi App For Phantom Drone Missions

Litchi is a state of the art application allowing aerial photographers to setup automated missions. Where to send drone and camera settings.
Older versions of Android and poor system resources causes major issues loading missions to aircraft. Could even lead to a crash!

Tested Litchi on Irulu x10

Discovered 75% failure loading missions with devices using 1GB of RAM. Litchi App group is aware of issues with older versions of Android.
However biggest problem is the lack of system resources with cheap tablets and phones where all resources are used up.

Most Android tablets are not upgrade-able. Found this to be the case with x10 running Android 4.4.2… Opened ticket at Irulu to upgrade this device to version 5.x or higher.
The x10 is good for kiddie apps, email, web browsing and GPS works good. Not recommended for professional use and will not function properly with Litchi.